VST plugin support

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VST plugin support

Post by Chompy »

So, I just remembered a VST that turned normal songs into 8bit (synthesiser) songs, and so, this thought came in to me: Why not have VST support? There are some VSTs out there that can be used to turn a boring sounding song into a beautiful one, so why not? This would open up a lot of opportunities, like 8bit songs without a NES soundfont, or your own custom instruments from the VST. Adding VST support would be a cool feature for the game. :idea:
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Re: VST plugin support

Post by VanGoghsEarForMusic »

I don't think that there is real need for VST support within Synthesia. You can use any other program that supports VSTs and a virtual MIDI cable to send the output from Synthesia to the VST host program.

E.g. you can use loopMIDI as virtual MIDI cable, VSThost (or even simpler SAVIhost) or Minihost as a small VST host program. You can test all programs for free.

No hints for synthesizer VSTs. I only tried piano VSTs. I can recommend Sound Magic Piano1 (Yamaha C7) and Bitsonic Keyzone Classic (e.g. Yamaha Grand Piano and Steinway Grand Piano).

Anyway, be sure to have a powerful PC and a good soundcard. ASIO driver would help, e.g. ASIO4ALL.
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