Discord support for synthesia

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Discord support for synthesia

Post by Iyarashii »

Hello, are there any plans to add discord support for synthesia so that people can see what song you are currently playing? (name of the current midi file or something).
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Re: Discord support for synthesia

Post by Nicholas »

Hmm, it's an interesting idea that I hadn't considered. (The first thing I do in all services like Discord, Battle.net, etc. is to disable all status notifications and switch myself to "appear offline" if it's available... so I'm probably the wrong person to evaluate the utility of such a feature.)

Doing that minimal bit of integration looks relatively straightforward from their documentation, too. Although, it does look like it would require toting around a ~3MB DLL file (which is more code than ALL of Synthesia) with the installation. That 23% more bandwidth cost is less exciting.

Would anyone else like to chime in here to say whether this sort of thing would be useful?
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