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Posted: 01-20-21 10:27 pm
by reachdabeach
I was thinking about trying to set up an autosync between folders on my Windows PC and my Android phone. My MIDI songs folder(s) would be simple enough, but a bunch of data about songs is here on the windows PC:


and I am not sure where on the Android. But browsing around, I see some, maybe most, that definitely should not be synced. It looks like songinfo.xml and scores.xml could probably sync and are what I wish was syncing (on top of MIDI files). It would be nice if files that could sync were not intermingled with ones that can sync.

I did see this:

which would work if they were both Windows (not in this case), using the same paths and same device. I do actually have a 3rd machine in the mix - a Windows notebook, but it's using a different keyboard.

Posted: 06-15-21 11:33 pm
by Nicholas
reachdabeach wrote: 01-20-21 10:27 pmI see some, maybe most, that definitely should not be synced.
Things that are probably system/hardware specific: multiDevice
Things that are system+user specific: folders and recentSongs

Otherwise, the rest are pretty safe to share between computers and even platforms(!) without anything bad happening.

Regarding intermingling, the file layout comes from a much older time: a time before the term "cloud save" even existed. Adding that sort of thing now would take some work to make it turn-key. The good news is that the design would be a lot easier than other services (like Dropbox) have to contend with: Synthesia mostly only generates new data (performances, progress, etc.) There are fewer cases where anything is removed/modified (finger hints, bookmarks, etc.) so data "conflicts" between two computers should be a little easier to make decisions about.