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Posted: 09-26-21 4:50 am
by timwat
Competition seems to be heating up for piano visualisation. I understand that Synthesia has a slightly different goal, but, as the demand for Synthesia Video Creator shows, there is a crossover. I think comparison and competition are therefore inevitable.

SeeMusic and, now, are showcasing some amazing visualising effects, and you can also play in real time (equivalent to Synthesia's Free Play mode) with them: Demo Video (YouTube embed is not working)


Is there a plan to provide upgraded visuals like these as an option in the future?

Posted: 09-26-21 9:29 am
by Nicholas
It's not a particularly high priority (mostly because these other apps already exist as an alternative--demand for the Video Creator was before any of the others were available), but I do have something on the list for the visualization. Literally the very next line after "Synthesia 11 is complete", I wanted to try something fun with a fluid dynamics simulation for the particles.

I suspect it's going to be a little more subdued than the YouTube-style visualizations, so that it's actually useful instead of looking like--to borrow an expression from the Girlfriend Reviews YouTube channel--Diarrhea Christmas Lights. (That screenshot you posted and the video thumbnail below are both usability disasters for someone that actually wants to follow along and not just be wowed by the shiny colors on their screen.) :lol:

Also: YouTube embeds are working. They're just a little... strange. hehe.

Posted: 09-29-21 12:11 am
by timwat
Yes, I agree that usability is important as well. I'm going to opt to use Synthesia for piano tutorial visualisation I'll be making for that reason: being able to show bar lines, note names in solfage, a simple score, etc. So, it'd be great to keep those for any visualisations, as well as perhaps adding fanciful visuals for other purposes.

How do you get the embedding to work?

Posted: 09-29-21 11:07 am
by Nicholas
The one up above was just:

Code: Select all

The 640,386 is the width/height (in pixels) you'd like the embed. And the part between the tags is the video ID that you can get from the "v" parameter in the YouTube URL.

Posted: 10-06-21 2:05 pm
by timwat
Awesome, thanks :D Here's one of my videos, synchronised with a Musescore score (MusicXML/Synthesia 11 preview?)