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Post by Nicholas » 11-12-11 6:01 pm

jimhenry wrote:Maybe this would be a manageable way to provide hints with a live keyboard feed.
This is actually pretty close to what I had in mind. Though, using a few simple image transforms you can correct for camera lens distortion and draw the keys straight-on, orthographically the way they are in the interface today (even if the camera isn't positioned exactly above).

Also, with some combination of chroma-key and image subtraction (from a still frame of the keyboard by itself), I expect I'll be able to have the hands drawn on top of note indicators/coloring, and still do it fast enough for real-time use. Really my only enemy is going to be input latency from the camera itself. Intel's OpenCV library can do incredible amounts of work in just a few milliseconds.

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Post by jimhenry » 11-13-11 2:02 am

It would be interesting to find out if seeing your hands from top down rather than in front of you is disorienting or still helpful.
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Post by ProgerMan » 01-04-12 3:57 pm

I think this would be an excellent idea. I am really struggling to use Synthesia at the moment because I can't judge the distance between the keys yet. Being able to see a video view (do they do widescreen cams?) top-down would be a superb feature. :)

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Post by Lemo » 01-16-12 8:41 pm

lemo wrote:Maybe it's more like 0.3sec than 0.5, but that's still a lot. You may not notice it when you slowly wave your hand to the camera, but it's different when you clap your hand for example (or play piano).
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Post by Nicholas » 01-16-12 9:18 pm

That was a pretty good one. I wonder if my little anti-spam thing catches stuff in signatures too. We'll find out. ;)

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