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Post by aria1121 » 11-04-10 4:25 pm

Hey, here an idea:
When we post a MIDI file, something like a Quicktime add-on is able to play right in the forum!

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Post by Nicholas » 11-04-10 6:15 pm

I hate the QuickTime player. :D

First, it requires you have QuickTime installed... already a deal-breaker. ;)

Next, maybe one in three songs (after the first played that boot-up) will start with a loud burst of static that is horrible. You never know if it's going to happen this time... but you always wince when you press the play button.

If there is a better alternative (I poked around and didn't find any readily available flash players... that would be ideal), I'd be happy to add it.

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Post by jimhenry » 11-04-10 7:57 pm

Isn't it sufficient to include something like

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<a href="widtoc.mid">Click to play widtoc.mid</a>
with the result of clicking on the link being dependent on how one's browser is configured to handle a MIDI file? My browser asks me if I want to play the file in Windows Media Player or Save the file. I suspect I could configure my browser (Firefox) to play the MIDI file in Synthesia if I wanted, although I don't know if that would be a good idea.
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Post by Nicholas » 11-04-10 9:22 pm

I think she meant something along the lines of an in-browser quick-preview. You see them all the time for MP3 type files, but I think a MIDI version would have to drag some instruments along in order to work on any machine. Though assuming a slightly higher lowest common denominator, it could just attempt to use whatever MIDI output devices you had available.

I've seen them written in Java, but like Quicktime, I wouldn't wish in-browser Java components on my enemies. That has always been a pretty terrible experience no matter the browser.

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Post by aria1121 » 11-05-10 1:52 am

Nicholas wrote:I hate the QuickTime player. :D
I too. Maybe WMP or Silverlight? VLC for Firefox Addon?
Oh, and btw, here is something useful (Firefox only), but I dont know if it works with the forum. (it should download the MIS files) If you install this, you get an Download-arrow, sometimes, you can click on it to see what fot embedded objects you can download.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-05-10 7:13 pm

One solution to avoid both the QuickTime player (which not everyone even has) or any other component download that might cause browser incompatibilities might be to render the first 30 seconds or so of the MIDI as an MP3 type preview (on the server side, automatically after someone uploads) and then have an in-browser preview that way. It should only take a few seconds to generate something like that and I've got tons of disk space to spare.

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