Mac touch pad or magic mouse support~

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Post by phiktion » 11-09-10 11:56 pm

If you ever used VLC you know you can use two fingers up and down to turn it up or down the volume and right to left to change where your at, I think that work really well with with Synthesia, maybe even using more touch pad commands to do different things as jumping to different bookmarks etc.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-10-10 10:56 am

I have to get my hands on one of those. I'm still using a 2006'ish iMac with Mighty Mouse.

But yeah, depending on how easy those gestures are to recognize (and I'm guessing Apple made it easy in the API), I could add those as inputs when I do the rest of the "User-assignable Input" feature. That's going to cover MIDI-as-menu-input, and I was hoping to get game controllers too. Advanced mouse input seems like natural fit at the same time.

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