Use a sliding bar to regulate tempo

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Post by dphilippauker » 06-18-11 4:05 am

Instead of increments in multiples of 10 it would be more convenient for the learner if the tempo could be altered by using a sliding tempo bar rather than having to use the arbitrary increments of 10,20,30,40 etc. Sometimes a jump from 10 to 20 might be too fast for the learner and perhaps he'd be more comfortable at his learning stage at let us say a 17 or a 33 or a 47. Do you follow my drift? Yes...a sliding tempo bar from zero to 100 is the solution!!Can it be done??I leave it in your creative and skillful hands Nicholas.

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Post by Nicholas » 06-18-11 10:15 am

0 to 100 means you can't ever speed up an especially slow song beyond its normal tempo?

Also, undocumented feature: hold Tab while you click the speed buttons. It'll go in increments of 1% instead of 10%. ;)

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Post by kickininthefrontsea » 06-18-11 9:16 pm

Excellent question Phillip

It's now documented

tab seems an odd choice, isn't shift (or ctrl) the usual modifier

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