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Posted: 05-22-13 2:18 pm
by sirmidi
I find synthesia to be the most incredible learning tool I have ever found. One way to make it even more useful is by incorperating either Boomwhacker colors or allowing notes to be assigned colors.

Posted: 05-27-13 5:41 am
by kiwi
these features are planned :)

Posted: 12-17-20 12:08 pm
by JonDLewis
Are there still plans to incorporate Boomwhacker colors into the app. It would take this app to the next level in the music education field and music teachers would download it like crazy. I currently have to arrange a song in a midi app. Save each note to a different track. Then, I import into Synthesia and have to reassign the colors to the notes. The problem is there are not enough color choices. If the boomwhacker colors were made available that would be amazing! Or, you could change a setting to let the app know this is a Boomwhacker arrangement and it would then change the colors accordingly to match Boomwahcker music. That would be so amazing!

Posted: 12-17-20 1:05 pm
by Nicholas
Yes, having pitch-based colors is on the to-do list (including a preset for Boomwhackers), although it's still a ways out unfortunately.

Right now it's on line 689 of The List.

Posted: 05-03-21 12:38 pm
by JonDLewis
Any hopes of this anytime soon?

Posted: 05-22-21 3:09 am
by Nicholas
The way to use the list is to see where it is (885 lines) and compare it to the position of the thing you're waiting for ("pitch-based color!" on line 660). Subtract them (225) and when the chart shows that number instead, the task should be finished.

Posted: 05-29-21 10:00 am
by jackhoisgood
I was just thinking of this feature right before I called it a night today! Glad to see that’s it’s a work in progress.

Posted: 07-23-21 5:34 pm
by maskarellet
looking foward to this feature. It will be awesome. I hope it doesn't come to long