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Posted: 10-09-13 11:55 am
by clpianostudio
can we PLEEEEEASE have instant midi transpose function, especially for iPad?? PLEEEEEEASE

Posted: 10-10-13 12:43 am
by Nicholas
Tell me more. Are you looking to transpose instruments individually? (If individually, you would probably want things an octave at a time.)

Or, do you mean a whole-song transpose? If you start transposing by half-steps, what should be done with finger hints (which would all be incorrect for 11 out of 12 transpose steps)?

Posted: 10-10-13 1:44 am
by kiwi
I think he simply want a button for transposing all the song no matter what fingering it is; many of my midi files haven't fingering (don't need it).
Because sometimes original song is not in the same key of the midi file it's really an important feature.

Posted: 10-12-13 3:30 pm
by MaxC246
I'll second this request. The Entertainer is a great example. It's played in G#, but way easier for my beginner fingers to play in G. Those black keys scare me. :?

Posted: 10-13-13 2:28 am
by kiwi
@Max try to learn a tune in Ebminor penta it 'll help with those black keys ;)
Ex this one or any other:

Posted: 10-13-13 1:39 pm
by MaxC246
Thanks kiwi. I'll give it a shot.

Posted: 10-13-13 1:54 pm
by kiwi
This song played with a clavinet sound is really entertaining and u need to have a really good staccato / rythm feeling despite the notes are easy to play.
So for this song a synthetizer 'll be better (for you're question about lighted or not keyboard) :)
And the piano part is easy too and have a good blues mood like i have said...

Posted: 10-31-13 6:41 pm
by Butterworth
Came on to ask for exactly this. Its an essential part of any midi player, massively useful for learning tunes

A 1/2 step up button and a 1/2 step down button

It's a fantastic program btw :)

Posted: 05-17-14 7:41 pm
by bestword57
I too could really use a transpose function as well.

I've tried so many freeware and trialware programs to do this and I haven't been able to successfully save a transposed midi file as a midi file and have it play in the transposed to key.



Posted: 06-01-14 6:51 pm
by Reefius
+1 for a transpose function, so I can practice Hanon in all keys ;)

Posted: 09-10-14 7:20 pm
by DrTechDaddy
Another vote for Transpose function. Suppose I find a MIDI file for a song I want to play,
but want to play in a different key?
Of course, the black keys are easy with Synthesia.
But maybe I'm a singer and want to transpose into my range,
or want to play in the same key as a recording,
or learn to play with a group that is doing the song in another key.

Posted: 09-10-14 8:23 pm
by jimhenry
I am not a fan of transpose functions as found on electronic keyboards where the sound you hear is transposed from the key you play, e.g. play C and hear C#.

However, it dawned on me that what Synthesia could do is transpose the MIDI notes so you see, play, and hear the same note. So if you have a MIDI file for a song in C but you want to play it in C#, Synthesia would take the notes in the MIDI file and move them up a half step so the C would be displayed as C# and you would play C#.

So, if what everyone is asking for is transposition of the MIDI files (and I suspect you are and it is me that is slow), then I agree this would be a good feature. And yes, if the song has finger hints, they are not used if the song is transposed.

It would be nice if there was something so that finger hints could be tagged with a transposition so that the possibility of up to 12 sets of finger hints for possible transpositions could be provided. Many exercises could be simplified to a single exercise with finger hints for all 12 keys.

Posted: 09-11-14 7:01 am
by kiwi
Personnally i often use the transpose function of my keyboard with Synthesia (i use a 61 keys)
But i need to redo the same thing for each song (transpose function is not saved on my keyboard).
So yes it 'll be very usefull but at least one octave up/down not just 1/2 step up/down.
And each transpose saving for each song in Synthesia.
For now it is my more usefull request.

Posted: 09-12-14 1:08 am
by Nicholas
Whole-octave transpose might still make it into Synthesia 10 (although I'm a little weary of dragging this development cycle on too much longer). The idea was per-track transpose of the song's notes (not your input) the way Jim described.

By starting with whole-octave jumps I get to defer the "finger hints disabled" problem until later. However, the interface (on the song setup screen) will be made with half-step transposing in mind so when the time comes it'll be an easy switch that keeps the same UI.

Posted: 09-12-14 4:28 am
by kiwi
Am Agree with jim for to transpose and play the correct note (not playing c and Synthesia play C#)
But one octave is the minimum not just one half step cause it's usual to transpose one complete step for male singer per eg.

Posted: 10-11-14 12:36 am
by Nicholas
Hmm, despite confirming that whole-octave transpose was coming in the next development preview not 5 days ago, now that I'm sitting down and starting to think of all the implications, this might have to wait again.

Because of Synthesia's stance on never modifying a MIDI file, this tiny extra bit of data (which tracks are transposed by how much) looks like it would need to be carried through virtually every subsystem and handled as an extra bit of complexity everywhere. Transposing anything means you're essentially playing a different song. We already knew about some caveats with finger hints (half-step transposing completely invalidates them), but this would also impact performance recording, configHashes, track splitting, scoring, song progress tracking, and lots more.

For something that is ubiquitous and easy to do in every MIDI editor, this is probably something Synthesia can continue to do without. A good answer is to do your transposing someplace else, and use the end result in Synthesia. (A little arduous for tablet users, but still doable.)

From the other post:
Nicholas wrote:When we do dip into editor-like features, it's because they're inconvenient or missing from other editors (track splitting) or super trivial to add (transpose).
This is still true. I just discovered transpose wasn't going to be super trivial... or even just easy. :lol: