compare the played and the song self

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i dont know yet if someone already posted it yet but here is my request:

First play a song for example jingle bells from out ur head, then compare it with a midi file and check how many fails you got?

Dont know it this exist already?

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Post by Nicholas »

This is actually the first time I've heard that suggestion. More common: someone will want to play a song (not from their head) and then compare the results afterward to see where a note was early/late. But I haven't heard of trying it from memory first and then comparing it afterward before. Interesting.

Depending on your differences in tempo, Synthesia might have to do a little stretching/squishing of one to make it "fit" the other song. Otherwise, that would be an interesting sort of final test to see if you've actually memorized a song.
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Post by Yasje »

Wil if it give other ideas to you use it!
it was just an idea, and who knows you make it a better idea :D
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Post by sirknight »

I would've liked to have the record/overlay feature just to see progress on any given song... so basically it records your play either in melody or practice and then afterwards you can overlay what you played vs the original to see where you lagged, where you made mistakes, etc... and have the overlay scrollable so you can keep stuff matched up, so let's say you can play 10 bars just fine... but at the 11th you hesitate or take longer to get to the next set of notes... you slide the overlay down to match it back up to compare again the next passage you play.

I'd like having more info to tell me where I'm good, where I need work. Right now it's a "I think I'm doing crappy at this spot" sort of deal.
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Many keyboards and digital pianos can record your playing as MIDI. It's usually very easy, press Record and press it again to stop recording. Then all you have to do, is get the recorded MIDI file off the piano and to your computer, for viewing it in Synthesia. Some pianos can record MIDI directly to a USB flash drive, which makes the process simpler.

Then you can record directly to a computer, for example with Anvil Studio, which is free. I've never gotten the hang of using AS myself.
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