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Post by Entropie » 01-18-14 9:48 am

Hello Synthesia group!
I´m new here just to post a new Request that may should be done in Synthesia
I´m talking about a Recording mode where you could simply Record a midi file in Synthesia
Lets just think about it, i would guess many people who use Synthesia would want the same thing.
So i could easily record some improvisations and have a look at it.
Would be awesome, thank you

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Post by Nicholas » 01-18-14 12:00 pm

Have you tried out the new Synthesia 10 development preview with "Free Play" yet?

That seems like a pretty nice place to add some recording features. I've been thinking about how that might be done.

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Post by 613Skier » 01-18-14 12:37 pm

I'd be willing to buy a second version code of Synthesia for this feature alone. ;) Call it a commissioned bonus Nicholas!

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