Painting by the numbers

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Post by 613Skier » 01-18-14 12:48 pm

What I'm thinking of you use to be able to program keys to numbers, I haven't figured out how to go ahead and do this, but hear are my thoughts on what I'm thinking about.

In Melody mode I like to have the letters on the falling notes, I'm thinking if there was a 2nd version of melody mode where you could pause then add which fingers to use when striking the keys it would improve learning a song.

For myself as I'm learning a song and developing the muscle memory I don't always use the same fingers to hit the notes until the pattern becomes more learned and rehearsed. At a certain point I may not need the lettering, but having numeration as a reminder of which fingers to use might be another way to train the brain while learning a song.

I'm thinking if you could go along bar by bar (each notation) while in pause mode, and fill in the values you want in the notes Eg. (1,3,5 1,2) (1,5 1,2,5) and press the forward or back arrow as you assign valuation it would be a quick way to move thought the track.

This might already be possible, but maybe I'm just missing something on how to do this at the moment.

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Post by Nicholas » 01-19-14 2:05 pm

You're talking about adding number hints to the falling notes to remind you which finger to use?

Try clicking the little "Hand" icon on the title bar at the top of the screen, move your mouse over a note, then click-and-drag to one of the fingers. :)

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