Two finger numbers

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Post by Pianotehead » 04-01-14 4:29 pm

Hi, this is not one of those April Fool's Day questions, though it may sound like one. ;)

Has the idea ever come up to have two finger numbers on one note? It may prove useful in the following cases.
  1. When you're playing quickly from a black key to a white one, common in blues, not necessarily a grace note, but can apply to them as well. Of course you can slide with one finger, and achieve the same results. By the way, does Synthesia support grace notes?
  2. When you start playing a note with one finger, then substituting with another finger, to make the first finger free for playing what follows.
  3. If two fingering options are equally good, depending on hand size, for example.

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Post by Nicholas » 04-01-14 4:55 pm

Actually, your #2 is something I'm hoping to include in the 3rd quality of life preview for Synthesia 10. All kinds of discussion over here.

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