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Post by kiwi »

Sometimes i took some chords from a tonality and i improvise on it.

To remember the chords and play them instantly i do something like this (screenshots below) with another software.
The problem is that i need to paste the chords from the software in paint.
I haven't found any software who can do this.

So my feature request is this in the free play mode.
I input chords name or play them and Synthesia do a grid with a picture of the chords below the name and say me if i play them correctly.
Like a jazz spreed sheet but with pictures of the chords.

Ability to share the "jamgrids" to Synthesia users would be great too.

cycle-des-quartes_Accords_7eme_de_dominantes.png (79.73 KiB) Viewed 3628 times
4 accords magique.png
4 accords magique.png (37.21 KiB) Viewed 3628 times
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Post by Nicholas »

This type of thing sounds like some of the extended features I want to add to Free Play.
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Post by kiwi »

Good to ear this and by the way thx u to take the time to answer ;)
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