Free Play can show chords, why not played midi files then?

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Post by TonE » 10-07-14 4:23 am

If Synthesia can show chords for Free Play already, meaning the technology is there already, why is not this used for played midi files, too? Before the scale or key signature text, the current playing/recognized chord can be displayed, in non-Free Play modes, I mean.

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Post by Nicholas » 10-07-14 4:42 am

This is definitely on the list. The answer to your question is only "time". :D

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Post by BusterPhysic » 10-03-15 7:25 pm

Another great idea!

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Post by Birdman87 » 11-01-15 10:43 am

The only problem i see with this is what happens when a chord is played on left or right and on the other hand notes that make that chord unrecognizable?

One solution would be to have it only activated for the hand you are playing but this again would be a problem when both hands are used.

Or maybe have it activated whenever you play a certain chord regardless of what the midi is so that you can play around during the song without having to exit to free play to see what certain chords are.

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Post by danforest » 11-21-15 4:21 am

I have the same request.

Problem when you play both hand.

I suggest you have the ability to assign the chord display on one hand according to your choice. :)


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Post by Nicholas » 12-04-15 6:56 pm

I don't think combined-hand notes will cause trouble for chord detection. Because Synthesia knows the difference between hands, it can run the detection for left, right, and both, only showing the chords that it recognizes. So if both hands "contaminate" a chord in the say, left hand, Synthesia can just ignore that and show the chord for the left hand only.

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