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Post by n0zz » 06-10-15 12:58 pm

When I put some midi files into folder that is connected to synthesia and synthesia is currently open, these songs doesn't show up in synthesia. I have to restart the program to see new songs on the list. Is it possible to refresh song list from specific folder somehow?

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Post by Nicholas » 06-10-15 2:27 pm

In Synthesia 12 we're hoping to add live updating to the song list. It will be instant whenever a change is made to one of the folders. No refresh button needed.

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Post by AndImStillAlive » 06-12-15 8:07 pm

Oh, I hope you do add live updating!
I started writing my own songs/exercises and I edit them frequently, so it would be so nice to just have the updated version pop up in Synthesia.
I am really looking forward to Synthesia 12. :)

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Post by LittleTyke » 04-19-20 8:55 am

I've just discovered this issue, too. I had Synthesia open, having selected a file from Songs>Folders>MIDI Files. Then when I copy a new MIDI file to that folder, I can't refresh the folder. As other(s) have found, a restart of Synthesia is needed.

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Post by Nicholas » 04-28-20 5:36 am

This is one of the age-old embarrassments, sorry.

I did just add a stop-gap workaround in the 10.6 update: you can now drag a MIDI file directly to the open Synthesia window and it'll load it immediately. So if you're already outside of the app managing your files, you can try them out quickly just by dragging them there (or right-clicking and choosing "Play in Synthesia).

It's still not the best answer, but it's worlds better than no workaround besides restarting the app.

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