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Posted: 08-07-15 6:58 am
by monkel
Sorry if it's already a function and I've just not found it on my iPad (10.1.3320):

I'd like a volume slider for playback that allows me to turn down and off music while keeping the metronome sound. This way I can practice and concentrate on the music I play, without getting distracted by the generated music. I can turn off sound altogether but I'd like to stay in synthesia and not use an external / separate metronome (especially as it's then not linked to the sheet music and falling notes).

Posted: 08-08-15 11:32 pm
by Nicholas
Well, it's not as friendly as a volume slider, but you can individually control which types of MIDI events are sent out.

Head over to Settings and click on your music output device in the list. From there you can disable "My Notes", "Background", and "Percussion", which will leave just the metronome enabled. If I understood correctly, that should get things running the way you wanted.

Posted: 08-09-15 4:23 am
by monkel
Yup, works like a charm - thanks. Granted it's a bit cumbersome and a separate slider would be nice, but I'll manage .. :D

Btw. what's does the third option "Anschlag" (attack?) do? Does it ignore / honor the touch sensitivity of a keyboard?

Posted: 08-09-15 9:21 pm
by Nicholas
The third option is "Percussion" which enables or disables the various drum sounds. Running that through Google Translate, would "Schlagzeug" be a better translation instead?

Posted: 08-10-15 3:23 am
by monkel
Ok, then Schlagzeug is definitely the better translation. If you want to make sure any percussion instruments are meant you could also use Perkussion, but it's less common.

Posted: 08-10-15 3:42 am
by Nicholas
Thanks! I just fixed it. That correction will show up in the next dev preview.

Posted: 08-10-15 4:22 am
by monkel
Is there a translation table accessible? I'd be happy to have a look through.

Posted: 08-10-15 10:53 pm
by Nicholas
Looking through all of this would be quite an undertaking, but here is the file. This is current as of 10.1 without the ten or so new lines added since 10.2. Those should be back from the translation service in another two days. (There are a couple XML comments sitting out in the open with no translations nearby. Those are placeholders for new lines being added in 10.2.)
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Posted: 08-11-15 4:47 am
by monkel
Thanks, I've scanned it over and see a few suggestions, but they'll have to wait until I'm back at a regular PC.