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Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 05-02-09 12:29 pm
by opheliax
I think it would be a nice thing, also something someone could look to attain and get them to play more, is to have some sort of rewards for certain accomplishments. As anyone can play whatever songs they want, it would most likely have to be something along the lines of, notes played in a row without error, 100% on a song, ones based on scores, playing a song at double the speed, play a song a number of times, ecetera, (The list goes on an on). It would be nice if we were also able to help with these achievements, say you unlock one thing, you get a new play theme, (Keyboard colors change, notes change, different sparkle when notes are played, ecetera), i think it would add a whole nother level of game play to it. *Also possible giving a sort of badge or what not next to the accomplishments youve done on each song, and possible doing a forum intergration as well, but the forum thing seems like a wild dream lol*

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 05-03-09 2:40 am
by Rickeeey
Would be fun to have rewards. Maybe in form of stars for feature voting. But maybe hard to program a such reward. So, maybe in game rewards only.

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 05-03-09 9:37 am
by tommai78101
How about extra contents that are hidden from the start, and then unlocking them after stages (missions, campaign) playthrough?

Seems like a true game...:D

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 05-03-09 11:27 am
by Bissrok
I've seen a few mods that use an achievement system. If it's all on the user's end, instead of being an online deal like in most modern games, I think it's a little easier to build. Probably just a matter of priorities, though.

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 06-10-09 10:22 am
by Nicholas
I would love to do something like this. In my own gaming, achievements drive my progress way more than they have any right to. They're a curiously strong force.

Like tommai mentioned though, that does seem like something a "real" game would do.

I suppose I could turn the G Major Music songs into the "game" progression, and make working through those a "career" type mode. Still, a general-purpose set of achievements might cover a broader cross-section of users.

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 06-10-09 11:49 am
by Bissrok
How would the general purpose ones work, though? Like, a get "Get 100% of the notes at 100% speed" one? Because, I mean, then you have to regulate which songs qualify, so people don't just blow through all of them with a song that's twenty seconds long. It seems like this is something that would need to be song specific, for the most part. Timing ones, like "Get 10 Perfect notes in a row" would be universal, but the rest might need some restrictions.

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 06-10-09 11:56 am
by Nicholas
That's the tricky part. They'd all have to have caveats.

20 perfect notes in a row... as long as there are at least X different notes, and no more than Y successive same note.

100% played... as long as the song was more than X notes long, with a certain amount of variation.


Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 07-22-18 12:27 pm
by birdbrain
I am reward driven I guess. I was thinking about in game achievement Rewards after reading the recent post about Cheats The simple animations at the end of a game of Tetris on the GBA kept me motivated without end. Of course learning to play a song in Synthesia and mastering the piano is reward in itself. But sometimes I don't feel the instant gratification even though I am sure my fingers are gaining dexterity, steanght and mucle memory, the endorfins get that video game reward when I get to see some instant feedback.

Re: Achievements / Rewards

PostPosted: 07-22-18 1:42 pm
by Nicholas
birdbrain wrote:The simple animations at the end of a game of Tetris on the GBA kept me motivated without end.

It is kind of amazing how potent those were.

I remember that just adding the confetti effect (close to ten years ago now) was a bit of extra reward for improving your score. That one has worn a bit thin, but the point stands that these sorts of things are a very real reinforcement mechanism. At this point we could definitely use more of them.

I have reasonably high hopes for the kinds of things we'll be able to accomplish once the new contractor has made some progress modernizing things. This is probably an area that deserves to be much higher on the list than it has been historically. There is an interesting tension between making a "serious piano practice tool" but also adding the sorts of things that keep our simple monkey-brains coming back for more. :lol: