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Mode control when loops are active

Posted: 03-25-16 3:08 am
by jimhenry
It would be nice if you could switch hands and watch/melody/rhythm mode without leaving the performance screen when working in a loop.

Re: Mode control when loops are active

Posted: 04-15-16 1:10 am
by Nicholas
Live switching of hands is scheduled for 12 and will probably end up as one the headline features. It's a big one.

Live switching of mode is trickier. Maybe. Wait. Maybe it isn't. And HCX already allows it. And the major scoring revamp coming in 12 will support it. Hmm. Well, at the very least it would be a ton of work -- almost a complete rewrite of the play screen? -- but now you've got gears turning in my head...

(An interesting outcome: changing hands and mode during play means there is almost no reason to have the song setup screen before the song plays anymore. That is even more food for thought. I know you've been an advocate of a more streamlined menu experience in the past. This might help get us there. Though it'll be at the expense of a really busy menu bar during play. That is starting to get a little crowded.)

Re: Mode control when loops are active

Posted: 04-15-16 1:48 am
by jimhenry
If you need some motivation, try learning a difficult phrase toward the end of a long piece, so you put the phrase in a loop. First you want to work in melody mode to figure out the fingering. Then you want to work in rhythm mode. Then you want to do the same with the other hand. Then you want to work out hands together. Next day you need to do some work on each hand, then hands together. Going in and out of the play screen to move through the learning process gets old fast.

When you get to it, having named loops so you can work on various phrases in a song without having to reset the loop, which is a bit tedious but I've got no good ideas there, each time would also be a big step forward.

Is there any reason why the start of a loop couldn't be treated as a bookmark if you are in loop mode? If they worked that way, maybe one could just set up multiple loops and then skip forward and back to the one you wanted to work on. Oh, but that requires being able to have more than one loop.

Are the gears spinning faster?

Re: Mode control when loops are active

Posted: 04-15-16 8:32 pm
by Dave12
Would it be possible to allow mapping from keyboards (switches, knobs etc.) to control some of the menu functions? Like DAW's you are able to map your keyboard with a learn command.

Re: Mode control when loops are active

Posted: 05-13-16 9:15 am
by Nicholas
Some of this is already possible. Head over to the Shortcuts tab in Settings. You can assign shortcuts to lots of keyboard things like pedals, pedals + anything else, MIDI MMC messages (like Play/Pause, Stop, FF, RW, etc. on keyboards), MIDI CC messages (like most buttons and knobs on keyboards).

The real limitation is that quite a few more things could be added to the Shortcuts screen. That would make total keyboard control possible.