Piano/Finger Exercises

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Post by ExiledEtude » 04-16-16 10:59 am

I'm learning in a book how to make my fingers independent of one another, and I thought I could take this book and put it on Synthesia. I thought it would be a great addition for Synthesia to come default with more than just scale exercises. The book I'm using is full of Herz's exercises. Essentially how these exercises work is, you hold down certain fingers while doing eighth or sixteenth (sometimes thirty-second :shock: ) notes with the others, like holding down all but your thumb on your left hand and all but you little finger on your right. Since Synthesia can tell when you let go of a note, you can see when you are accidentally lifting a finger that you are not supposed to. The benefit of these exercises really help your fingers become stronger and more independent which allow you to play more pieces.

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