6:6 keyboards & block thickness

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Post by Jiggs » 07-24-16 3:31 pm

Hi, as opposed to the standard 7:5 keyboard, I play a symmetrical 6:6 keyboard as seen here:

Is there a way to change or customise which falling blocks are thick and which are thin? I need them to alternate. I’d even be satisfied if all the blocks were uniform and thin.

If not, would you consider implementing this feature as an option? There are more and more 6:6 websites cropping up every year so you could expand your userbase:
http://www.momentstudio.co.nz/articles/ ... layout.htm
http://www.migo.info/music/bilinear_chr ... ml_en.html

This option would also be useful for people who play isomorphic instruments like Janko keyboards

or Lippens keyboards

Or Dodeka keyboards

Or even an isomorphic vibraphone
https://ccrma.stanford.edu/events/roy-p ... y-of-music

I did find this discussion:
so I know you’ve at least considered the possibility.

Thanks for your time and your marvellous program

Kind regards,

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Post by Nicholas » 08-11-16 2:32 pm

Today there isn't a way to change the layout, unfortunately.

It would definitely be useful. And I personally agree that a lot of the alternate layouts make a lot more sense than an instrument that kind of forces you to think in C Major. (Instruments like the Axis 64 strike me as the "purest" where the same chord in any key is the exact same hand shape, just in a different location.)

That said, Synthesia is already pretty narrowly focused as a piano-only app. It would be challenging to add continuing support for even smaller subsets of the instrument.

So I can report that we don't have any immediate plans to add alternative piano layouts. Sorry!

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Post by tehyulekim » 05-03-20 10:26 pm

Hi Nicholas, I wish to request customizing keyboard colors in the existing piano layout.

This would give advantages like making extremely easy to count intervals and recognize relative positions. Traditional irregular zebra pattern make positions hard to count.

Using the existing piano layout and changing key colors and hiding bottom bit using drag button on the right, I would make it appear in any linear patterned layout including dodeka keyboard.

Please consider making this feature!

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