Achievement Tracking in Loops

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Post by nalsur10 » 12-14-16 7:08 pm

This is not necessarily the most important feature request I would expect, but
I still want to put it out there.

Synthesia is a dream come true, and it has greatly facilitated the learning process for me.

I tend to do my learning progressively by practicing parts of a song over and over again until I move forward with the next one. The loop feature facilitates this process.
As a result of this, I tend to leave most songs unfinished, and none of my progress is acknowledged or accounted because although I've practiced a specific portion of the song several times, unless I've hit every key on the keyboard and practiced the song in its entirety, the game won't recognize that progress made during the loop.

In the future, could this feature be viable? Acknowledging progress rather than deleting it upon exiting a song?

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Post by Nicholas » 12-14-16 7:34 pm

I have good news. What you're describing is almost the entire focus of Synthesia 12. We're going to be updating the "progress" metric to look at all of your performances combined down at the measure level. So, if you play a section (inside a loop) a few dozen times, that part of the song will have more progress attributed to it.

There will be lots of other benefits beyond just that improvement, too. Today you can essentially game the system and just bumble your way through a (short) challenging section, as long as you do very well everywhere else. A single number isn't enough to capture those subtleties. On a measure-by-measure basis, that will be properly captured as "yes, you're doing great on 95% of the song; here, this is the 5% you should still be practicing". Feedback like that is much richer and will hopefully help guide your practice sessions where they can be most impactful.

Lots of room for cool features once that new system is in place.

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Post by miek » 12-15-16 4:09 pm

I also want this feature! What nasur10 says is just what I've been thinking. I am trying to crack one song so much that I've created several MIDI files out of it, each file contains between 1 and 4 bars of the song, arranged so that within the file, the bars repeat 8 times. I save it as eg. "[song] bar 4-6" and then open it in Synthesia. That way I don't have any gap between the repeats -and it records progress. It is a bit awkward though. It would be a great feature if Synthesia did it for me! - I'm really looking forward to it! :D

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