Sustain Pedal?

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Postby weckso » 09-27-17 3:10 pm

I would really like to see sustain pedal support as an additional (optional?) element in the play roll. Right now, Synthesia seems to completely ignore sustain pedal events in midi files or when even when manually playing.
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Postby Nicholas » 09-28-17 10:11 am

Hmm, the pedal should be getting passed-through automatically. Do you mean you that it doesn't seem to have any effect at all?

We recently fixed a bug in the pedal message detection code. If you try the latest development preview, does that make your sustain pedal respond?
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Postby subburb » 10-30-17 9:55 am

Hello !
Same issue here with my new arturia keylab88 and latest synthesia 10.4.4376 (same issue with latest public build)
I tried on CC64 (default) and cc12 (default for Pianoteq6) with no luck.
works perfectly without synthesia.
config : keyboard as input into synthesia, loopmidi as output and loopmidi as input for pianoteq

when synthesia is simply open, all is fine.
BUT when i start learning a piece, this time sustain infos are gone and i've no sustain at all while playing. When i stop learning and go back to song selection into synthesia, now the sustain is back... super annyonnig !!!

Someone to tell me what i'm doing wrong ?
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Postby Nicholas » 11-10-17 1:00 am

How strange. CC64 should definitely be sent through now.

That said, CC12 is sure to still be filtered out. I'm starting to re-think the 11-year-old strategy of filtering down the user's input to just notes and pedals. I feel like we've had to fix some variation of the "pedal messages aren't making it through" bug every year or two since the very beginning. Thinking about it now, I'm trying to remember what the rationale was for filtering in the first place. Maybe so Synthesia could have the last word on the various MIDI settings that made it out to the output devices? I'm not sure. Certainly the philosophy has changed since then and we're more willing to give users more power and just say "then try not to do that" when they get themselves into trouble. :lol:

Maybe it's time to pass all user input (during songs) through to the output device. The only wrangling Synthesia should be doing is adjusting the input channel to match the channel of the parts you've picked to play.

Let me try to get that into the next Synthesia 11 dev preview. It's less a new feature and more a removal of an unwanted one.
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