Video Creator: MIDI files should start later

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Postby Musix » 10-14-17 10:07 am

Hi, I've been using the video creator for a while now and noticed how the videos always start when there are already notes on the screen. I can't add my own intro to the video because it starts way too early. It would be great if someone could add a delay before the MIDI starts playing. The delay should atleast make the rendered videos start with no notes on screen, but an even longer delay would be better.
P.S. awesome program! :)
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Postby Nicholas » 10-15-17 8:56 pm

We're planning to release a small (Synthesia 10.4) bug fix update for both Synthesia and the video creator soon. This will be included in that release.
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Postby Musix » 10-19-17 4:37 pm

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