Setting priorities to MIDI channels

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Post by Musix » 10-23-17 11:18 am

I recently played a MIDI file with multiple channels, from which one played the main Melody. But at times, the other channels covered this melody with their own notes. That's why I thought it would be cool if we could set priorities to MIDI channels (from 1 to 16). This would mean that if a channel has a high priority set, let's say 2, it overlaps channels 3 and up.

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Post by Nicholas » 10-23-17 12:46 pm

There is a small priority system that already exists: if you elect to play a track yourself (via the Left/Right/Both Hand buttons), those notes will always be drawn on top of background notes. I worry that being able to fully specify the order might become a little too fiddly for most users.

One alternative that exists today: you can simply hide the overlapping tracks that you're not interested in. (Set the color to "gray with an X".)

And, thinking about the future, perhaps the existing priority system could be extended to also work in "Watch and Listen Only" mode, where notes that belong to either hand are always drawn on top of background notes, whether you've elected to play them or not.

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Post by Musix » 10-24-17 2:55 pm

You could hide this fully controllable priority system a little bit, to prevent confusion of most users. A fully controllable priority system would especially be great for orchestral or black MIDI's (not necessarily for playing purposes). In those cases, hiding a channel is not really an option, especially when making a video of it with the purpose of visualizing every instrument.
Either way, your last proposal would solve most of my trouble, but I'd prefer a fully controllable prioirity system.

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