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Postby vedus » 11-07-17 11:41 pm

Something similar to a spaced repetition system or even just a straight spaced repetition algorithm.

It would probably need to be a toggle, as I'm sure there are people who wouldn't like it, but I'm already getting to a point where my repertoire is getting too bad to rehearse every single time. Yes, there are a bunch of songs I could probably ignore, but it would be nice to have a system that prioritizes weak / old material first for rehearsal. Weak material isn't going to be at full 100 points to begin with, but having songs I haven't played in awhile lose points over time...

Maybe a point decay system isn't what I'm talking about here, but it's the easiest way for me to visualize the functionality. I go into my "big list of songs" and sort by a calculated "strength" (which I'm picturing as points here) and see what's weakest. It gives me some things to work out without having to plan on my behalf.
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Postby Nicholas » 11-09-17 9:47 pm

The road map for Synthesia 12 is shaping up to be about completely revamping the current scoring system. From today's single metric to keeping track of your improvement (and weak areas) on a per-measure basis. I've been thinking about a "rusting" system or at least allowing later performances to drag your metrics down instead of strictly monotonically increasing like they do today.

Some sort of spaced-repetition "add this to my daily practice list" is high on that road map, too. I've been practicing a variety of decks using Anki for going on a couple years now and I am completely sold on the benefits. It's eerie how infrequently you need to revisit something to keep it powerfully dialed in to your memory. I bet something very similar works for piano repertoire.
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