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Postby Drahcir » 11-15-17 5:28 pm

Hi there,

Recently got into Synthesia and I have a small suggestion.
I'd like to see more details on the song selection screen, such as average BPM, number of notes (including a count for each hands), and the length.

I'm currently playing though it, working my way up though the groups of difficulties. To continue with this at the song level, I have to search through them, listening to each song, making a mental note of the easiest and more difficult ones.

I feel that adding this feature would help me a lot with this.

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Postby Nicholas » 11-25-17 6:07 am

Hmm, this might be a little tricky. In order to find out that information, Synthesia would have to load each song completely and calculate those statistics. (And things like notes for left/right hand can change depending on how you configure the song.) I suppose the app could cache the average BPM so it wouldn't have to load every song each time you started the app.
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Postby wacher » 12-11-17 11:27 am

I think you had to force using metadata .synthesia file more. And expand it more metadata to contain.
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