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Post by miek » 11-24-17 1:25 pm


I think a good feature may be that the program remembers you preferences regarding "sort by ..." so that you can concentrate on the data you want to see after you play your song.

At the moment, no matter how you sort the data, it always reverts to [sort by points ascending] after you play. Sometimes (often for me) if you do a bad job, then your actual result for the last practice is not on screen, you have to scroll up or down the list to find it. It would be better if your result was in the middle of the table if you are sorting by anything other than [sort by date], or your last result was always at the end of the list (top of list or bottom of list depending if you chose [sort by date, ascending] or [sort by date descending])

If the program remembered your preference when you did [sort by], (In my case I always want it on date, because that motivates me to practice and I really like seeing how my errors are going down and staying down and my speed is going up by a couple of % each day.) then no one would loose out (as It is already defaulting to sort by points, descending) and I think it would make Synthesia even better. :D

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Post by Nicholas » 11-25-17 12:31 am

I didn't realize the sort wasn't being remembered (the way it is in the big song list). That seemed more like a bug, but after digging all the way back through the entire code history (to 2009 when "data tables" were first added!) apparently remembering your sort for score results was never added.

In any event, I just fixed it! That fix will show up in the next development preview.

Thanks for the feedback!
miek wrote:... then your actual result for the last practice is not on screen, you have to scroll up or down the list to find it.
Hmm, that one would definitely be a bug, although I wasn't able to reproduce it. I just checked and Synthesia tries -- reasonably hard, actually -- to scroll to your most recent score entry whenever it populates the data table. I just made an attempt to fix that one, too. (I already had to touch that code because of the sort order thing, anyway.)

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