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Postby RobertM » 01-06-18 11:55 am

Hi Everyone
I've been using Synthesia for just over a year now, as I told Nicholas, it's a superb piece of software, without it I would have sold my keyboard long ago

It took me a while to get used to playing the correct notes, I spent the first year using you tube to copy songs people were playing then found this software, am now trying to read sheet music. Have seen that the sheet music is displayed at the top of the screen, Synthesia keyboard notes below followed by the keys. Don't know if anyone has suggested but how about having the choice of Synthesia Screen, just sheet music notes and split screen. I would love to connect my keyboard and just have the sheet music open and try to follow the notes, Synthesia wouldn't allow you to continue until the correct note was played. I know it does this when the screen is split, I feel its kind of cheating when I can see both. Hope that makes sense.

I did see in the forum that someone has suggested showing the actual music note along with the corresponding keyboard letter, that sounds amazing, have the option of one or the other or both

If I can ask, while the inbuilt songs can display notes, why can't songs you purchase from sites like Song Galaxy show sheet music

Many thanks for this software

Robert M
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Postby Nicholas » 01-06-18 5:44 pm

To enable sheet music for outside songs, just assign at least one hand. Check out step #4 in this guide for details.
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Postby RobertM » 01-06-18 6:21 pm

Thankyou so much for your help and guidance. It works a treat
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