Drum notation?

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Post by kiwi »

With the new implemented xml file support i request a drum notation rather than the midi notes on the sheet music.

Like this one:

(Pass to 2mn30)

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Post by Nicholas »

Their software looks like it's already doing a very nice job of supporting drum notation! :D (What he demonstrates at the 2m30s mark, showing the velocity of each note is neat.)

For the foreseeable future, Synthesia will -- for better or worse -- remain focused on the piano, only.
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Post by k8n »

Was also hoping to get some drum notation support to help my son have more fun when playing.. :D

in general, the v-drums already work fine as it is (midi to usb converter), it's just that the notation (notes with "x" etc) doesn't show up correctly when importing a midi-file with drum notation.

Basically the important part would be just the correct display of the notes in the app (the drums can be adjusted to send any kind of note), thus functionality-wise it should be fine?
It would be great to just get some kind of support for this (the notes with the "x" instead of the "o")

If needed I can send a midi test file with drum notation created with musescore 3 ...
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