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Post by Angelos58 » 03-25-18 1:53 am

Would be usefull introduce a little mixer with different volume and pan for each part.

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Post by Nicholas » 03-26-18 1:38 pm

This will be possible for the first time (when using the built-in synth) in Synthesia 10.5 when we finally include an actual MIDI synth.

This is a little tricky in general (MIDI has more to do with note "velocity" instead of note "volume", which has more to do with attack strength and on proper synths can (and should) change the timbre of the notes. There is a MIDI control message for adjusting a channel's volume, but I'm not sure how widely supported that is in keyboards, etc.

But, if you're using the (new/upcoming) synth included in 10.5, Synthesia will theoretically be able to leave the MIDI velocities and channel volumes alone while still having independent control over each instrument's volume. I wasn't planning on including a mixer in 10.5 (I was more interested in just getting the synth to work in the first place), but it's a good idea for a future feature.

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