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Post by Chompy » 03-28-18 8:50 pm

Why not add a splash screen, so when you start up Synthesia, you are presented with a nice piano screen for a few seconds? Adding faint animated patterns to the menu UI would make it feel more game-like as well, and should be in the colour theme (example, Synthesia Classic, the pattern is whiter than the transparent parts in the image.)

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Post by Montelion2004 » 03-30-18 11:15 am

Great idea! :D

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Post by Nicholas » 04-02-18 10:52 pm

For years and years I've had an ultra-low priority task to add some grand piano 3D model in the background of the menu or title screen or something. At some point, I vaguely remember even purchasing a 3D model from some marketplace for the task. These types of activities are hard to justify though when the same development time might be spent on some interesting new feature that actually helps a user during their piano practice. Curb appeal is certainly important, but it's a bit of a tightrope walk to decide which features to add next.

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