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Synthesia on Nintendo Switch?

PostPosted: 07-18-18 11:38 pm
by Chompy
What about releasing Synthesia 10.5+ for Nintendo Switch? What that does, is that it allows you to scan the console and SD Card on the Switch for Midi songs.
The unlock key can be used, cause it is based on the mobile versions or desktop. It is a free download, but it is a "demo", which you must use your unlock key to get the full version. :?:

You could also release it on steam as well, but steam is very, very oversaturated. Its got like millions of apps.

PostPosted: 07-18-18 11:39 pm
by Chompy
I also forgot to mention crossplay too.

Sony is very anti crossplay however, beware.

Re: Synthesia on Nintendo Switch?

PostPosted: 07-19-18 1:09 am
by raynebc
It would probably fit in pretty well with the rhythm games and other music titles in the Switch store.

Re: Synthesia on Nintendo Switch?

PostPosted: 07-19-18 7:52 am
by Nicholas
Synthesia for TV screens means a whole lot of new UI paradigms (or some cheesy virtual mouse cursor that you control with a thumbstick, which is not a great experience).

There are some USB ports exposed by the dock. I wonder if app developers get access to anything plugged into them.

One of the bigger problems is that of content: it seems a little unrealistic to ask the typical console gamer to bring a USB flash drive (if that's even possible) full of their favorite MIDI songs to plug in the console. We'd also have to supply more (and a steady stream of) songs.

Now... this is farther fetched, but if there were some collaboration with Nintendo available (like "Minecraft: Switch Edition") where we were allowed to include music from Nintendo properties, I would love, (love, love, love), to do something like that. The original purpose of what eventually became Synthesia back in 2005 was to help me learn how to play music from Nintendo games! :lol: