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Posted: 08-27-18 6:37 pm
by herreralemus
First of all forgive me for my bad English.
I have a channel on YouTube where I publish piano tutorials using "Synthesia Video Creator", I have many midis which I would like to convert to video at the same time.

I would like to say that I am also a software developer with the C # language, so I would like you to share your class library (DLL) belonging to the Video Creator, so that I can create my own massive conversion software.

The Dll can contain the security that it already has so that only those with activated synthesia can do it, just as it already does at this time.

Please I need the massive creation of videos so I do not have to convert them one by one, and in this way I save a lot of work.

Posted: 08-29-18 4:28 pm
by Nicholas
We're hoping to add command-line support to the next Video Creator update so that you can batch process lots of songs at once.

Posted: 08-29-18 6:42 pm
by herreralemus
Thank you very much, that will be more useful