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Posted: 09-03-18 8:39 am
by Montago

I'd like to learn how to read sheet music and was hoping that Synthesia would help in that matter - but it seems that it's too easy to resolve to looking at the bars !
I would love the ability to remove the "falling bars" completely to force me to look at the sheet music instead.
I know could just as well buy a couple of sheets to look at - but they don't have these nifty features of highlighting the progression.

So : an option to only show sheet music !
addtionally - some more zoom options for sheet music, since its a bit too small for my eyes on my monitor...

A game in the game !
Roland has made an app called "Piano Partner 2" which has a small game that shows a single note and then wait until you click the correct key.
It also makes some statistics afterwords, but it only ask for 5 or 10 keys until you need to reset the "game" ...

it would be awesome to have such a game in Synthesia that would play songs, note by note, only displaying the sheet music...
there should be some progression and statistics, just like the normal "game" ..

level 1: right hand only music
level 2: two handed music, still basic, now showing 2 staffs
level 3: two handed, medium difficulty - but showing more notes on the staff, maybe the full 4/4 measure
Level 4: harder music, more measures

(Basically this would be Synthesia without the blocks and a bit of emphasis on the Sheets / Staffs / Notes .... i guess )

Posted: 09-03-18 11:56 am
by Nicholas
1. Press F5. That hides the falling note blocks. (And in the next Synthesia 11 dev preview, there is going to be a dedicated button for it.)

2. If Roland has already made a nice version of what you're looking for, how were you hoping Synthesia would do it differently?

Posted: 09-03-18 12:09 pm
by Montago
1. ahh thanks ! ... i still wish the score was bigger.

2. Roland has made an extremely simple score reader game which simply show you 1 note that you need to guess and only 10 notes at a time.
It's missing tons of options and the worst part is that the notes don't follow a melody, which means that you get fatigued faster because the notes dont relate to anything...
eg: when you become good enough to read in 80 bpm and the tones are just random, then it makes no sense what you are doing...

What i would like to see, would be something like this guy is showing:
learning notes in a progression using melodies (already found in Synthesia) ..

basically zooming in on the staffs and taking things slowly...

Also - UI wize - center the currently playing notes on the screen instead of showing them on the left side... (always center by the progress line and move the staff bagground)

Posted: 09-03-18 1:20 pm
by Montago
hmm... maybe all i need is bigger staffs...

its hard reading them when the eyes are not trained - and making them bigger would help - i think..

im currently using 1.5x DPI .. but it seems that the size of staffs are fixed ??

Posted: 09-03-18 3:48 pm
by Montago

now i found the zoom controls... they were hiding ind the GPS thingy :D

Posted: 09-03-18 8:29 pm
by Nicholas
What's a GPS thingy? :lol: They should just pop out whenever you pause the song. (There is a whole guide about it.) :D

Posted: 09-04-18 5:13 am
by Montago
ahhh, that explains it....

The music pause when i click the GPS button (the one that looks like a Google Maps Marker) .. i have no clue how to use that feature yet... :?

I just read all the "how to" guides and a lot of gems came up .. also some concerns.

It seems that some features require the user know that interface parts are draggable !!!
eg: resettings the instruments / hand settings ...

Like i previously suggested, hiring a UX'er / designer to clean up the interface would help tremendously.
Interface designs that are intuitive are key to success !

anyway - thanks for the help, i'm now learning to read notes/scores/sheet music

PS !!!!
Would it be possible to slide the sheet music instead of paging ?
It's really annoying that it's paged, making it hard to know what notes come next.

PPS !!!
When using sheet music, the loop feature is quite unintuitive to use, since the timeline doesn't correspond to the sheets .
FlowKey shows the loop on the sheets which makes it easy to select the range...

also ... is it possible to hide the timeline ?

Posted: 09-04-18 8:49 pm
by Nicholas
Montago wrote:The music pause when i click the GPS button...
Or the pause button, or the finger hints button, or the loop button. (All of which cause the sheet music zoom controls to appear.) Press F1 or click the Help button to see what all of those things are. The "GPS button" is to create bookmarks... like it says at the bottom of the screen when you click it. ;)
Montago wrote:It seems that some features require the user know that interface parts are draggable !!!
False. Every single thing that you can accomplish by dragging can also be accomplished without dragging (i.e., just clicking on obviously-clickable controls). Dragging is an alternative, power-user interface to do things a little faster. And it's mentioned right at the bottom of the screen: "Copy any setting by dragging..." No guides necessary. You just have to, you know, look at the screen. :lol:

Having multiple ways to do things -- some easy, some more efficient -- seems like an alright interface design to me.
Montago wrote:Would it be possible to slide the sheet music instead of paging ?
Sliding moves things at a non-uniform speed (some measures are wider than others, even though they represent the same amount of time) and is more jarring than paging. Once full-screen, multi-line sheet music is added (in the very next Synthesia 11 preview), you'll be able to see farther ahead.
Montago wrote:When using sheet music, the loop feature is quite unintuitive to use, since the timeline doesn't correspond to the sheets .
Loops being indicated right on the sheet music is coming in the very next Synthesia 11 preview.
Montago wrote:also ... is it possible to hide the timeline ?
Try the new Settings --> Gameplay --> Menu Bar --> Hidden option that just went into the latest dev preview a couple days ago.