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Post by Chompy » 12-21-18 6:50 am

Could a visualiser be implemented so you can see the audio waves and volume? It would be usable only in the listen only mode/free play mode, cause it would interfere with piano playing on other modes. Different styles of visualiser could be used as well, like rain, snow, patterns, a flower, or lots of things. Thats what a visualiser is, its a dynamic display.

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Post by Nicholas » 12-21-18 7:07 am

Well, there isn't a single source of audio waves. You can redirect Synthesia's MIDI messages wherever you like (including external devices like digital pianos), so Synthesia doesn't always have access to the final audio waveform. Really, it's only in the case of the new BASSMIDI-based, built-in MIDI synth where that info is readily available, so this might be tricky for all but the simplest setups.

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