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Opening files Mac OS

Posted: 05-06-19 10:39 am
by LucidMusicInc
I would like to have multiple instances of the app open. The reason for this is auditioning, editing parts, of multiple songs at once. I would like to just open a midi file from the Finder and have a new Synthesia window open.

Secondly, it seems that Synthesia doesn't have a folder refresh option so when new files are added to the folders it doesn't automatically scan for new files. There should be a refresh button.


Re: Opening files Mac OS

Posted: 05-06-19 4:16 pm
by Nicholas
Multiple instances isn't on the roadmap for a variety of technical reasons. (Although, it might not be too difficult to have opening a MIDI file from Finder sort of "take over" the current instance and load the file automatically.)

We're (finally!) planning to tackle the "filesystem changes don't show up in Synthesia" problem in the next (10.6) update. With any luck, it will find filesystem changes immediately without even requiring a refresh.

Re: Opening files Mac OS

Posted: 05-08-19 1:01 am
by LucidMusicInc
Good stuff!