Synthesia should update its song listing while open

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Post by Chompy »

Its like the title says. On PC/Mac, when a new song is downloaded and in .mid or .midi format, Synthesia should automatically detect the new file and add it to the list. It didn't do this in the Mac OS X Sierra version.

This small addition would remove the hassle of closing and re-opening the game to refresh the song list. Or alternatively, add a Refresh Songs button, only present for PC/Mac.

Also as a request, Synthesia should be able to load .kar, .mcsz, .pdf files (only if notes are found in pdf files) and play them like a MIDI file can.

On a note regarding SoundFonts, maybe SFArk and SFPack files could be usable. They are compressed SoundFonts, and would help save memory when loading a song I think.
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Post by Nicholas »

Not updating the song list when the file system is changed is embarrassing and will be fixed soon.

Regarding file formats:
  • kar can already be opened. (Try it.) :D
  • mcsz is proprietary. For now, export a MIDI from MuseScore. Soon, export a MusicXML file from MuseScore.
  • pdf is an output-only print format. Performing any type of OCR (even when the original digital file is available) is way outside the scope of Synthesia. There are other apps that already try to do this. The results are mixed. (It's a hard problem.)
The eventual memory footprint of SFArk and SFPack will be the same once the app decompresses the samples. It's just a kind of zipped up format that I don't expect Synthesia will support anytime soon. For now, if you search this page for "SFArk", there are a couple links that can do the decompression back into an SF2 so it can be used.
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