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Random Score

Posted: 08-27-19 6:26 pm
by oc67

when MusicXML will be implemented, is it possible to add random score for learning read. (maybe a random musicxml file)

With bottom and top note to start easier to harder with two and progressively more (one or more octave)


PS : If a external app can create random file, i'll do with it.

Re: Random Score

Posted: 08-27-19 11:33 pm
by Nicholas
I've had "Random practice" on my list for over a decade now (making its way all the way down to line 1846 of the current task list). :shock:

It would be neat to have a kind of "endless" random music generator. There has been some cool research into that topic in the past that could probably be leveraged. I was even thinking of contacting the authors of the papers mentioned in that article, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

It wouldn't be as nicely integrated as a stand-alone tool, but if you could tell some app "generate 5 minutes of music in the style of X" and export it either as a MIDI or MusicXML file, that would work nicely. Machine learning has been all the rage for the last few years (with some attention given to this area recently). I'd be surprised if someone else didn't start working on this soon.