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Posted: 08-31-19 2:48 pm
by jadusingh000
Hay i have synthesia installed and its great but i find that the program is not detecting my sustain pedal attached to my keyboard when i sustain notes. is this a normal thing or is there some trouble shooting i can do so that it will be able to detect my sustain pedal? The keyboard is detected but not the sustain pedal.

Posted: 09-01-19 1:15 am
by jadusingh000
the pedal still doesnt show up in sythesia, i hear it but it doesnt show up on the screen when i hold it.

Posted: 09-01-19 1:20 am
by Nicholas
Hearing it (but not having any on-screen representation) is the expected behavior. How did you want it to show up?

Posted: 09-01-19 9:22 pm
by jadusingh000
i guess i was hoping that when the sustain pedal is held, the note would be held on screen similar to when then not i held on the keyboard.

Posted: 09-01-19 11:22 pm
by Nicholas
That was actually how Synthesia treated it until as recently as several years ago. We'd received feedback from users and eventually decided that we shouldn't be encouraging any sort of in-game advantage for pedal usage.

The pedal is generally used in a rather personal way to embellish your performance however you like. Attaching any sort of performance tracking metrics to your pedal use felt like it might start to feel "mandatory" or encourage you to play in a way you didn't want to. So we stripped that particular feature out. Now it's strictly for your own, personal ornamentation.

Posted: 09-02-19 11:55 am
by jadusingh000
I understand. I guess. But for learning purposes there are pieces that require pedal usage. how do you track accuracy if you cant use the pedal for say brahms intermezzo 118 no 2. Isnt pedal used in classical piano playin tho?

Posted: 09-02-19 11:56 am
by jadusingh000
is it possible that my game could be patched for pedal usage?

Posted: 09-03-19 2:46 pm
by Magic73
It could be enabled with a dedicated settings, with our without a final recording of the score...

Posted: 09-10-19 2:01 am
by Nicholas
Since we removed the online scoreboards (years ago), I haven't been much of a stickler about scoring "purity". So, I probably wouldn't go so far as disabling scoring if you had that hypothetical option enabled.

I recall another motivation for removing it was due to the tendency for subtle bugs to crop up. There are already a lot of moving parts under the hood that keep track of your notes and how they compare to the song's notes. Having the pedal extend things made it a little trickier to keep track of things. Though, I suppose I have heard this (now opposite) request a handful of times now.

I wonder if leaving the feature in but as an option that is disabled by default isn't the best answer. People that want to use it could, but it wouldn't encourage gamey/bad pedal use out of the box.