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Free Play - Note Length

Posted: 10-20-19 4:25 pm
by J. Baker
If someone wanted to practice note lengths, it would be nice if the rising note in Free Play displayed the note length. Or at least an option to display it or not. This would be a good place (Free Play) to add practice/timing options.

Just an idea.

Re: Free Play - Note Length

Posted: 11-06-19 11:05 pm
by Nicholas
(Sorry for the wait on this.)

That's an interesting idea. What sort of display did you have in mind? Number of (milli)seconds? Beats? Something like the closest sheet music value (a dotted eighth, a thirty-second note, etc.)?

Re: Free Play - Note Length

Posted: 11-07-19 6:24 pm
by J. Baker
I was thinking...

When a person presses a key on there keyboard a note/bar would go up, as it does. But it would show an all green bar if the timing is correct or at least close to correct. A partial green bar plus an extended red part, if it was pressed longer than any close note length or set note length. Or a total red bar, if it wasn't pressed long enough. This would have to have some kind of dynamic color change, code wise, I suppose.

One way would to be able to set a sixteenth note exercise, for example. Then the user could keep trying to press a key over and over, until they get the timing right for that note length. Or they have to get the timing right, ten times in a row, before completing that exercise.

Anyways, just an idea that I thought would help with timing/key presses.