Support physical keyboard case shortcuts on iPad

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Post by rpendleton » 10-31-19 9:36 pm

I use my iPad Pro with Apple's smart keyboard folio case, which has a built in QWERTY keyboard. I noticed the Synthesia iPad app has a page for shortcut settings, but it doesn't seem to work with hardware keyboards. Is this something that could be added? It would make the experience of desktop and mobile very similar to each other. It would also open up quite a bit of flexibility for controlling the app on mobile for those who have physical keyboards (either cases or bluetooth).

Edit: It looks like this was requested in an older thread: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6072. It didn't happen back then because of constraints in the iOS SDKs, but since that was from 2014 with iOS 7, it's possible things have changed since then. I suppose it's also possible that the internals of Synthesia have changed enough that it would be possible to implement the UIKeyCommand approach now.

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Post by Nicholas » 11-01-19 5:20 pm

Hrm... since that 2014 post, I was happy to add much better (nearly complete) support for Bluetooth-connected keyboards to the iOS version around a year or two ago. I wonder if something has happened in the meantime now to break it? :? I'll take a look! Thanks for the report.

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