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Postby James629 » 01-10-17 12:38 pm


I'd like to create my own synthesia videos via the video creator and upload those videos on youtube.
Right now I am facing the following two problems:

1. How do i change the soundfont used by the video creator? I managed to change the sound used by the actual program via VirtualMIDISynth, but it seems like
that sound is not being used by the video creator.

2. Since there is only one video format offered by the video creator and that "webm" format is not really compatible with youtube, can anyone tell me how
i can properly upload that video on youtube? I have already tried an online webm to mp4 converter but there was quite a big quality loss.

Thanks for reading :)
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Postby Nicholas » 01-10-17 1:39 pm

1. There is a DLS file box right in the interface. You can change it directly to another DLS ("Downloadable Sounds") font.

2. The weird part is that webm is YouTube's internal, default format. (It was even created by Google!) I'm not sure when they added a the "30 seconds of blackness" bug to their upload process. It's unfortunate. In the meantime, Handbrake does a nice job of converting to mp4.
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Postby James629 » 01-10-17 1:57 pm

Thanks for your very fast answer!

I feel really stupid right now because i can not find any dls. files :(

VirtualMIDISynth does only offer sf2 files afaik.

And when i googled "dls files download" (and other combinations) i was not able to find any dls file i could use?
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Postby Nicholas » 01-10-17 7:59 pm

There is definitely a more limited selection than you can find for SF2 files, but I've heard that "Fury" and "Airfont 340" are both pretty nice.
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Postby James629 » 01-11-17 8:35 am

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your fast support :)
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Postby kiwi » 01-12-17 2:49 am

Yes fury does a nice job! it's light and sound good.

What is the default dls of the video creator?
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Postby Nicholas » 01-12-17 1:41 pm

The default DLS is just the built-in sound set in whichever operating system you're using. Although Windows and macOS both use a slightly different variation of the tiny 2-4 MB Roland GS sound set.
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