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Postby Tobe1337 » 03-15-17 8:38 am

Hey guys, my first post on this forum.

I have a masterkey 61 and zepthus® Universal Sustain Pedal on windows 7. However when i press a note and then the pedal to sustain it, nothing happens in Synthesia.
I downloaded Midi-OX to see if there's any signal at all and yes there is. So I'm assuming the problem is Software related. Does anybody have an idea? Thx!
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Postby Nicholas » 03-16-17 7:02 am

Which signal do you see in MIDI-OX? If you could: hearing which STATUS, DATA1, and DATA2 values you're seeing will be helpful.

We had some pedal fixes included in Synthesia 10.3 so if you have an older version, downloading the latest might help. And, there was one other small bug discovered since then that will be in the next development preview (beta) of Synthesia 11. Depending on the exact DATA1 and DATA2 values in MIDI-OX, some pedal messages were being erroneously filtered out.
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Postby IvanL » 03-16-17 12:25 pm

What is supposed to happen in Synthesia? I haven't seen any pedal annotations in the built in songs yet.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-17-17 5:40 am

Synthesia doesn't use the pedal for anything in particular. Instead, it leaves it as a completely unaltered stylistic user-choice that simply gets forwarded to your output device.

(The lack of pedal markings in the sheet music is a limitation of Synthesia's sheet music renderer that we'll be fixing in the upcoming Synthesia 11 release.)
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Postby Tobe1337 » 03-20-17 5:19 am

Hello Nicholas,

my current version of Synthesia is 10.3.4096
Here is what I'm getting in Midi-OX when I press and release the pedal.
Am i correct in assuming that the problem is with Synthesia since I'm getting a signal?

Kind regards
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Postby Nicholas » 03-23-17 1:23 pm

Hmm, that looks correct (and it shouldn't have hit the recently discovered bug; that was only if DATA2 was also showing 40). Just to double-check, are you using the latest version of Synthesia? It should say 10.3 at the lower-right on the title screen.

It would also be helpful to see what Synthesia is actually sending out. If it's not too much trouble, here's how you can set that up to monitor Synthesia's output in MIDI-OX:

  1. Install one of the free virtual MIDI loopback drivers: either LoopBe1 or loopMIDI.
  2. Set Synthesia to also output "Everything" to that driver (on the Settings screen).
  3. In MIDI-OX's device window, turn off input from your keyboard and turn on input from the loopback driver.
Now, if you run both at the same time, everything Synthesia sends out should be caught by MIDI-OX. Now what happens when you press your pedal during a song? Does it generate pedal messages?
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Postby Tobe1337 » 03-25-17 9:52 am

Hello Nicholas, thank you so much for your help!

So i downloaded the 10.3 installer from the Synthesia homepage and uninstalled my current version, installed again and it still shows 10.3.4096. But I don't think that's the problem.

I'm not sure if I did those 3 steps correctly that you asked for. The first 2 were easy enough.
I dled loopMIDI and set it as an output device for Synthesia (first 2 steps). Then it got a little trickier.
First i opened MIDI-OX.
Then i opened the MIDI Devices Window as seen in the picture. I then selected masterkey61 and hit the red cross (not sure if that did anything). Then i selected the loopMIDI Port and hit OK.
After that i opened loopMIDI and added a new port as seen in the picture.
Then i opened Synthesia and played a note and activated the sustain pedal in "Free Play".
This is the result i was getting in MIDI-OX.

It doesn't look much different from before so I'm not sure if it worked.
Devices.JPG (38.07 KiB) Viewed 1364 times
midi-ox.jpg (22.08 KiB) Viewed 1364 times
loopMIDI.JPG (24.17 KiB) Viewed 1364 times
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Postby Tobe1337 » 03-27-17 1:59 pm

It works now, It's just that Synthesia doesnt recognize the pedal for the score counter sadly. I guess that was what you were refering to about the upcoming version. Well, thank you for your help anyway. It would be great to see this feature implemented soon. Best wishes.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-27-17 3:20 pm

When you say "it works now", you mean you can hear notes making the usual sustained/held sound when holding your pedal? By design back in 2014 we removed any influence the pedal had on scoring or holding the in-game keys down. It's been returned to a simple, stylistic tool that you can use however you like. The 11 release only contains a bug fix for cases where it wasn't even doing that. If you can already hear the sustain effect, 11 won't change anything.
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Postby Tobe1337 » 03-27-17 4:11 pm

Yea I can hear the sustained sound now. Why did you remove that effect by choice? I'm not able to beat my old high scores (that I did with cramping fingers :D) when using the pedal now.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-30-17 5:14 pm

Looking at it from the perspective of users that don't have a pedal for their digital piano, now they're on an even playing field with you! :lol:

It wasn't the only thing to change at the same time. Simultaneous with the pedal no longer holding notes down in-game, we also adjusted the scoring algorithm to no longer award points for holding notes their entire duration. Often the duration of notes in a MIDI file are exaggerated to achieve a particular sound/effect instead of mimicking the actual position -- held or released -- of the piano key. So, it seemed unfair on both sides to require exact-length presses. Even worse, it encouraged a kind of robotic playing that discouraged good pedaling technique.

Taken together, the two changes complemented themselves and made Synthesia a little more flexible.
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