Notes are not moved inside the range in Song Recital

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Postby eFse7en » 06-18-17 9:07 am

Setting "Notes Outside My Range -> Move Them Inside My Keyboard's Range" doesn't work in Song Recital:
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Postby Nicholas » 06-23-17 11:32 pm

Recital mode is intended to provide a baseline that can be compared between players. That is, the score you achieved in recital mode should be able to be directly compared to my recital score while playing the same part of the same song.

To get there, fixing the speed at 100% and disabling song navigation are pretty obvious choices. The keyboard range option is less obvious: someone could tell Synthesia their keyboard was only a single octave. At that point, they could play the entire song without any hand movement. That's quite the unfair advantage, so that setting is also ignored during recital.

(Long ago we even had an online scoreboard that recital scores would get posted to. These days it's a little less critical that recital scores try to be "fair".)
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Postby lampree » 12-30-17 6:38 pm

I can't find this option in the settings anymore. Where did it go?
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Postby Nicholas » 01-02-18 5:29 pm

That feature was removed in the 10.4 release. In addition to the bit of confusion that caused this topic in the first place, I talked about a few more of the reasons, here. (And I just replied to your email on the same subject.)
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