Using a different piano output with keyboards

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Postby jeikobus » 04-16-18 9:00 am

To be brief: When using Synthesia with my workstation keyboard (which naturally has hundreds of sounds), it doesn't output the piano sound that I necessarily want.

For example, it will play the sound assigned to "Acoustic Grand Piano" on my keyboard, but in fact, I want the sound "Studio Grand Piano" (which is the default anyway). This is mostly personal preference, but I've also noticed some weird distortion issues mostly when previewing songs. I have a Casio wk7600.
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Postby Nicholas » 04-16-18 10:09 am

This option will let you control the instruments yourself: Settings --> Advanced --> Instrument Change Messages --> Filtered-out.

That way Synthesia won't interfere with anything you've set your keyboard to.
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Postby jeikobus » 04-21-18 12:40 am

Hey, thanks. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.
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