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Postby lucoot » 05-23-18 3:55 pm

My piano work-flow is to open the song in "Listen & Watch", listen to a portion, then pause it to practice. I prefer to practice with the keys stationary rather than moving DDR/Guitar Hero style. The problem is, that whatever notes are part of the song at the moment of pausing it, will have a sustain when you press those keys yourself. Other keys will not have a sustain. I am able to get around this be moving up and down after pausing, which sort of clears those keys, but it's a slight annoyance.

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Postby Nicholas » 05-25-18 4:20 am

Hmm, the "right" answer here is probably to add better tools to the other practice modes (or perhaps a completely new practice mode) that better facilitates your style of playing smaller chunks at a time and alternating between listening and practicing. That would be useful in a much larger way to many users.

The short-term answer is that pausing should probably silence any notes that are currently playing.
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