wrong BPM for some included songs

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Post by lorico »

For some included songs in Synthesia the BPM is set wrong (to 200). This is especially obvious for songs like "Ode to Joy (Easier)" which is played at around 120 BPM.

This issue exists for multiple songs in the Easiest and Easier difficultys but is probably also present on the others.
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Post by Nicholas »

Bridal March is another one that is way too fast.

Those were the original tempos in the MIDI files from Gilbert DeBenedetti's site, where Synthesia got its collection of songs many years ago.

I was hoping that during the upcoming conversion of that collection to MusicXML, we might be able to iron a few of those things out. (There are a few pickup measures that are encoded strangely, too. A single 1/4 measure followed by a time signature change to 4/4, etc.)
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Post by Geert »

I have this pickup measure timing issue with all my scores made in MuseScore. Seems like Synthesia doesn''t respect the scores time signature and takes the timing from the notes in the first measure. If the scores time signature is 4/4 but the pickup measure only has one quarter note, then Synthesia starts this measure with 1/4 timing. This is particularly troublesome when using the metronome function, because the metronome will count down using the 1/4 timing of the pickup measure, which is unusable.

Also the last measure of a score goes wrong when the duration is less than the scores time signature. In this case Synthesia increases playback speed.
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Post by Nicholas »

Geert wrote: 04-17-22 4:28 pmIn this case Synthesia increases playback speed.
This is something I haven't seen before. If you could send that song file to support@synthesiagame.com, I'll take a look to see what's going wrong. Thanks!
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