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Sustain Control Acting Strange

Posted: 02-10-20 8:40 am
by sholland
Hi All,

I've been using Synthesia for a while now on a daily basis and have just got a new Yamaha Clavinova CLP 675, all work exactly the same as on my old digital piano as i connect via USB to host to laptop. Since getting the new piano I only seem to have control over the sustain on my notes and not the background. For example if i am learning only the right hand of a song I can control the sustain on the right hand piece, but then the left hand the sustain is constantly on or off (depending on the midi file I am presuming) and I have no way of effecting it with my pedal. So the sustain is either off so the song sounds weird or the sustain is fixed on and the song is a blurry mess.

Has anyone else experienced this? This did not happen on my old CLP its just on my new one so is a really strange one. Hopefully it something I can fix

Re: Sustain Control Acting Strange

Posted: 02-11-20 2:03 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm, strange. Did you happen to change/update your version of Synthesia during the switch-over?

You may be able to work around the problem (if the songs you play are exclusively piano parts with no other instruments) by choosing your new CLP-675 from the Music Output list on the Settings screen and forcing the MIDI Channel from "Omni" to "Channel 1". That will make every event sent to the keyboard use the same MIDI channel, so your pedal will be sure to affect everything.

Re: Sustain Control Acting Strange

Posted: 02-12-20 3:49 pm
by sholland
Nicholas :D you are a legend! Changing the channel to 1 instead of omni made it work. Thank you so much I was starting to worry I had spent a lot of money on a new piano and it wasn’t going to work the same as my old one lol